Key Fields of Activity

The Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework is a national project designed to build a new industrial infrastructure in the coastal region of Fukushima Prefecture in order to recover the industries that were lost there due to the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011 and the nuclear disaster.
Within the Framework, priority is given to realizing projects in the fields of decommissioning, robotics, drone technology, energy, environment, recycling, agroforestry and fisheries, medical care, and aerospace.

  • Decommissioning

    In order to expedite the decommissioning of nuclear reactors, which is essential for the reconstruction of the coastal region of Fukushima Prefecture, we combine intellectual resources of both Japanese and foreign experts and promote R&D as well as human resources development. At the same time, we let the results of our efforts carry over to industry and promote industrial clusters in the coastal region of Fukushima Prefecture.

  • Robotics and Drones

    The “Hamadori Robot Testing Area” is actively encouraging the research, development, and testing of robots and drones that are designed for future use in applications such as disaster response, logistics, and infrastructure inspection. With the Fukushima Robot Test Field at the core, we aim to develop industrial clusters of robotics in the coastal region of Fukushima Prefecture.

  • Energy, Environment, and Recycling

    We are committed to the recovery and revitalization of the local economy by fostering and aggregating industries with a strong focus on renewable energy.

  • Agroforestry and Fisheries

    While pushing measures for the development and testing of ICT, robotics, and other technologies, we are leading the nation in terms of advanced agroforestry and fishery industries that incorporate the cutting-edge technologies resulting from those measures. This in turn accelerates the recovery and revitalization of the agroforestry and fisheries industry in the coastal region of Fukushima Prefecture.

  • Medical Care

    In the coastal region of Fukushima Prefecture, where the population is aging and the shortage of medical and nursing personnel is increasing, we are promoting the aggregation of medical care-related industries and the establishment of new companies and organizations.

  • Aerospace

    In an effort to build and aggregate enterprises of the aerospace industry, we are supporting companies seeking to enter the industry, and also the development of human resources who will drive the industry.