Our Vision

We are utterly committed
to make our vision of the
future of Fukushima a reality.

What will Fukushima be like
in the future?

While the decommissioning
of the Fukushima
Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
is making
steady progress,
cutting-edge technology
and research facilities are
brought together here
and as new challenges arise, new industries are created in this area.

Opportunities in terms of education and employment are ever increasing
for the children of the future.

The Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework is a national project
that was founded to create such a future.

For the further development of Fukushima, we are taking on challenges
in the fields of robotics, energy, decommissioning, agroforestry and fisheries,
and all other fields that contribute to our livelihood and culture.

Our goal is to make Fukushima a place where people want to live
and people want to stay forever.