The Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster Memorial Museum
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Our experiences from that day, lessons for the future can be a lesson for the future.

[ Exhibition Admission Fee ]
Adult:600 yen High school students and younger: 300 yen(Groups over 20 can receive a group discount)

Please check the facility guide for more details.

Air radiation dose level around the Museum

4月28日8時  0.062μSv/h

Information on the air radiation dose level in other areas

It has been passed 10 years
since the Great East Japan Earthquake, or the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 in 2011, and accident at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

This museum has been opened to connect with future generations, taking the memories and records of the massive

and compound disaster never before experienced in Japan as lessons in disaster prevention and mitigation.
Let’s work together to build a “New Fukushima,” clearly communicating the experience of the disaster to the next generation, so that it does not fade away.

  • Learn

    You can learn about the real situation at the time of the mass-scale disaster and the reconstruction process that followed from exhibits and videos.

  • Experience

    Experience the disaster zone through actually seeing the state of the reconstruction and the facilities damaged by the tsunami and the nuclear disaster close at hand.

  • Passing Down

    Lessons, records and experiences are passed on to the next generation through listening to the real voices of storytellers who experienced the disaster.


39 Takada, Nakano, Futaba Town, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture 979-1401

Opening Hours/
9:00am – 5:00pm (last entry: 4:30pm)
Days Closed/
Tuesday* and December 29 – January 3 *Unless a public holiday, in which case the museum will close on the following weekday


Approx. 190 min from JR Tokyo Station to JR Futaba Station (closest station)
via the Hitachi
Limited Express.

Approx. 80 min from JR Sendai Station to JR Futaba Station
via the Hitachi Limited Express.

*Approx. 5 min by bus from JR Futaba Station.


From Iwaki City
Approx. 1 hour via

From Sendai City
Approx. 2 hours via

From Koriyama City
Approx. 2 hours via
local roads.

From Fukushima City
Approx. 1.5 hours
via toll road
and expressway


Approx. 100 min by car from Fukushima
Airport via
Abukuma Kogen Road.

From Sendai Airport
minimum travel time is approx.
140 min by train via the Sendai Airport Line
and the Joban Line
(including time to change trains)

  • ※There are twocarsharing stationsin front of Futaba Station (prior registration and bookings are required).