2nd Convention for the Integration of Marine Avatar Robots into Society

The 2nd Convention for the Integration of Marine Avatar Robots into Society was held at the Fukushima Robot Test Field over three days from Friday, December 4 to Sunday, December 6.
Following on from the first convention held in Izu Oshima in 2019, this event was held with the aim of developing the marine industry through the widespread use of underwater robots (ROVs). While this year was the first time to try hosting participants in an online event, it was also broadcast live with the Underwater Robot Convention in JAMSTEC 2020: The Sea and Japan Project (hosted by the Japan Underwater Robot Network) as well as CEATEC 2020 Online (hosted by the CEATEC Organizing Committee), with the aim of spreading awareness to a wide audience.

The event featured (1) a special symposium on the theme Robots x Oceans x People, (2) an ROV demonstration with participant piloting in the Indoor Pool Test Building at the Robot Test Field, and (3) remote operation of an ROV with more than 130 participants (including online viewers) over the three days of the convention.


(1) Special Symposium: Robots x Oceans x People – The New Industries and New Ways of Life that Cutting-edge Robots Will Bring

Program (Links to symposium video on YouTube)
  1. Introduction to Fukushima Robot Test Field and Expectations for the Underwater Robot: Osamu Akimoto (Deputy Director, Fukushima Robot Test Field)
  2. Toward Formation of a Cluster of Marine Energy Industries: Takaaki Morita:(Counselor, Industry and Labor Department, Nagasaki Prefecture and Special Assistant to the Director, Office for Research Initiative and Development, Nagasaki University)
  3. Introduction to Underwater Drone Manufacturers Across the Globe: Michihiro Kobayashi(President, SpaceOne Co., Ltd.)
  4. The New Ways of Life Avatar Robots Will Bring: Akira Fukabori(Founder and CEO avatarin Inc.)
  5. Initiatives Using Robotics Technologies in Marine Industries: Yuichiro Dake (Senior Leader, Central Research Laboratory, Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.)
  6. Education Initiatives Around Land, Sea, and Air Robots: Tatsumasa Kitahara,(Representative, e-kagaku)
  7. Industry Initiatives Aimed at Creating Underwater Industries: Kenta Noda (ALAN Consortium)

(2) ROV Demonstration and Piloting


Launching the ROV / Basic operation and video capture / Target observation / ROV operation in a current
ROV navigation test with payload / Piloting by participants, etc.


ROV demonstration and piloting: Kowa Corporation, Cosmos Shoji Co., Ltd., SpaceOne Co., Ltd.
Exhibition and introduction of ROV products: Misago Co., Ltd.

(3) ROV Remote Operation


Remote operation at the Indoor Pool Test Building, Fukushima Robot Test Field of an ROV in the JAMSTEC pool (Yokosuka).



To find out more about the convention, please see the report below.

2nd Convention for the Integration of Marine Avatar Robots into Society – Proceedings

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this event.
We are considering holding another convention in the future, so we hope to see you again then.

Archived video of this event is available on the following website. If you were not able to attend the event, or if you want to watch the convention events again, please take a look.

2nd Convention for the Integration of Marine Avatar Robots into Society event webpage

Media Coverage

The event was covered in the media!

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