“Experimental medium distance (over 10 km) delivery by drone of transfusion blood under appropriate temperature control” (Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, Toho University)

「ドローンによる適正温度管理下の輸血用血液の中距離(10km超)輸送実験」(東京都立墨東病院、東邦大学医学部、慶応義塾大学SFC武田圭史研究室)1 「ドローンによる適正温度管理下の輸血用血液の中距離(10km超)輸送実験」(東京都立墨東病院、東邦大学医学部、慶応義塾大学SFC武田圭史研究室)2

A team led by Dr. Yakushiji of Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital conducted “Experimental medium distance (over10km) delivery by drone of blood for transfusion under appropriate temperature control” on the Runway at Fukushima Robot Test Field.

This experiment conducted by the Japanese Red Cross Society and research institutes is a 2019 research project entitled “Research on Blood Delivery by Drone” (Task management number: 47, Receipt number: 31J0017), in accordance with the “Policy on the Use of Transfusion Blood, etc. in Research and Development.”