Fire Extinguishing Test Using Fire Extinguishing Agent Drop From Drone (Century Corporation)

■ Dates: June 24 and 25, 2020
■ Conducted by: Century Corporation
■ Facilities used: Heliport

About the Training
Fire Watchman FF-1, a fire extinguishing ball containing fire extinguishing agent in a special plastic container, was mounted on a drone and dropped from a height of 10 m on a simulated fire, and its fire extinguishing performance was measured. Century also conducted drop testing of a life buoy for water rescue. Century plans to release by the end of the year a fire extinguishing attachment which allows a fire hose to be mounted on the drone and water to be pumped directly from a fire engine to extinguish fires. The company is also planning to conduct further tests to verify the suitability of deployment in rescue operations by changing attachments and using it as a loudspeaker or for lifeboat drops, etc. The fire extinguishing ball used in this testing can also be repurposed for household use.