Flight Test for Runway and Extraneous Object Detection Using Stereo Cameras (The University of Tokyo, Ricoh Company, Ltd., and XYZ)

ステレオカメラによる滑走路と異物検知に関する飛行試験(東京大学、株式会社リコー、XYZエクシーズ)1 ステレオカメラによる滑走路と異物検知に関する飛行試験(東京大学、株式会社リコー、XYZエクシーズ)2

ステレオカメラによる滑走路と異物検知に関する飛行試験(東京大学、株式会社リコー、XYZエクシーズ)3 ステレオカメラによる滑走路と異物検知に関する飛行試験(東京大学、株式会社リコー、XYZエクシーズ)4

The University of Tokyo, Ricoh Company, Ltd., and XYZ tested a high-precision stereo camera (manufactured by Ricoh Company, Ltd.) for future mounting on aircraft, on the Runway at the Fukushima Robot Test Field.

This research was conducted as part of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) grant project entitled “Project for the practical application of advanced aircraft systems, research and development of next-generation automated flight systems,” and Horizon 2020, a joint Japanese-European research project.

A stereo camera was mounted on a single drone to verify the accuracy of real-time detection of drones on or hovering above a runway. In the future, such cameras are expected to be mounted on manned aircraft and used for automation of landing and detection of extraneous objects.