Flight Test of Flying Boat Drone on Sea (Space Entertainment Laboratory)

海上を利用した飛行艇型ドローンの飛行試験(スペースエンターテインメントラボラトリー)1 海上を利用した飛行艇型ドローンの飛行試験(スペースエンターテインメントラボラトリー)2

海上を利用した飛行艇型ドローンの飛行試験(スペースエンターテインメントラボラトリー)3 海上を利用した飛行艇型ドローンの飛行試験(スペースエンターテインメントラボラトリー)4

Space Entertainment Laboratory Co., Ltd. conducted flight tests of a flying boat drone at Haragama Obama Beach (Soma, Fukushima Prefecture) in cooperation with Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework Promotion Organization, and Soma Fisheries Cooperative. The flying boat drone is a new technology that is anticipated to expand the scope of the drone and robot sector because it has the capabilities for operation at extended ranges and times, something unique to fixed-wing aircraft, and also has the ability to take off and land safely on water.

This test was conducted as an initiative of the Fukushima Hamadori Robot Demonstration Zone (which provides the use of bridges, dams, rivers, coasts, mountains, etc. in the prefecture as locations for flight testing to companies, universities, research institutes, etc. engaged in projects related to robots and drones) with the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework Promotion Organization acting as intermediary.