Verification of operating efficiency / productivity improvement using the 3D data 3D model visualization tools HoloLens × GyroEye (Kusano Sokki Co., Ltd.)

■Dates: October 19, 2020, November 25 to 26, 2020
■Conducted by: Kusano Sokki Co., Ltd.
■ Facilities used: Mockup Bridge, Mockup Tunnel

About the Verification
Kusano Sokki Co., Ltd. used HoloLens2 to check differences between drawings / 3D data and actual site conditions.
They also verified work instructions and testing (remote location) between site and office.

1) Verification of the effectiveness of marking (written in red) for cracks and fractures in the bridge and tunnel
This will be used on actual sites to gather examples of work efficiency improvements.
2) Verification of alignment of inspection data and drawings with existing conditions in the field of maintenance
Kusano Sokki aims to improve positional accuracy and use it on the actual sites.
3) Remote viewing using 5G
Confirmed the ability to connect site and office (hypothetical) to handle completion inspections.
Kusano Sokki also verified the differences between 4G and 5G and found the 3D models were clearer and there was no delay in video communications with 5G.
Kusano Sokki aims to use the HoloLens viewer as a means of utilizing local 5G on the actual sites.