Unmanned aircraft facilities


Fukushima Robot Test Field has the largest flight airspace, runway, and airfield with impact absorption net in Japan for unmanned aircraft to provide an environment that enables basic flight test and other various tests such as collision avoidance, forced landing, falling, and long-distance flight, and promotes the practical application of unmanned aircraft.

1Minamisoma runway2Hangar3Heliport

These facilities are used for flight tests and operation training for unmanned aerial vehicles. Special flight test such as collision avoidance, forced landing, falling, or object dropping can be conducted in the buffer zone. The hangar has a measurement room that can overlook the entire area and an antenna mount are equipped. Heliport can be used for unmanned and manned VTOL type aircraft.

Unmanned aircraft facilities 1

Unmanned aircraft facilities 2

1 Runway

Runway 500m×20m
(Asphalt pavement)
North-south direction
Buffer zone Width:200m(including runway)
Electric Power outlets, LANports near runway


Total floor space Approx. 558 ㎡, Steel construction, and 2 stories
Measurement chamber 66.5㎡ 2F
Maintenance room 64.4㎡ 1F
Hangar 314.1㎡ 1F
Door size W10m×H4.2m
Antenna installation base Roof


Heliport size 25m×20m
(Concrete pavement)
Apron 25m×23m(Lawn Ground)
Fuel strage Concrete block construction


Facility / Equipment Fee
Per hour AM / PM Nighttime Extratime
(per hour)
1Minamisoma runway
6,100JPY 24,200JPY 29,100JPY 7,900JPY
2Hangar attached to Minamisoma runway (measurement chamber)
6,400JPY 7,600JPY 2,100JPY
2Hangar attached to Minamisoma runway (maintenance room)
6,400JPY 7,700JPY 2,100JPY
2Hangar attached to Minamisoma runway (hangar)
18,500JPY 22,200JPY 6,000JPY
2Hangar attached to Minamisoma runway (hangar (when using half space))
10,500JPY 12,600JPY 3,400JPY
6,300JPY 7,500JPY 2,100JPY

4Namie runway5Hangar

In contrast to the Minamisoma runway which runs north-south the Namie runway runs east-west allowing for takeoff directly over the sea.

Unmanned aircraft facilities 3


Runway 400m×20m
(Asphalt pavement)
East-west direction
Buffer zone Width 100m (including runway)
Electric Power outlets, LAN ports near runway


Same spec as Minamisoma Hangar


Facility / Equipment Fee
Per hour AM / PM Nighttime Extratime
(per hour)
4Namie runway
4,600JPY 18,300JPY 22,000JPY 6,000JPY
5Hangar attached to Namie runway (measurement chamber)
6,500JPY 7,800JPY 2,200JPY
5Hangar attached to Namie runway (maintenance room)
6,600JPY 7,900JPY 2,200JPY
5Hangar attached to Namie runway (hangar)
19,500JPY 23,400JPY 6,400JPY
5Hangar attached to Namie runway (hangar (when using half space))
11,000JPY 13,200JPY 3,600JPY

6Communication tower /The wide flight area

Through individual consultation, a flight course over land and sea can be approved for the approx. 13km distance between Minamisoma City and Namie Town. Long distance and wide area flights can also be carried out.Communication towers installed near both bases secure flight safety over a wide area by ensuring communication, measuring low wind direction and speed, and detecting objects such as manned aircraft and birds.

Unmanned aircraft facilities 4

6Communication tower

Height 30m
Meteorological Observation System (Measurement range 6km, direction wind speed ofaltitude 30m, 50m, 100m, wind 150m), wind speed of 5m above ground, temperature and humidity.
Wide area communication antenna(brought-in is allowed)
Surveillance radar

Communication antenna

High-gain antennas and rod antennas for 2.4 GHz and 920 MHz are installed in the Odaka and Haramachi areas.By switching the antenna, the wide flight area radio communication is covered.

※As there are only a limited number of compatible radio equipment, settings will be needed.

Surveillance radar

■High-resolution type radar spec
Monitoring range 360 degrees
Azimuth resolution Less than 0.45 degrees
Distance resolution less than 25m
Target speed resolution capacity 0.001 m/s or less (Motion path, Traceability)
■Detection size and maximum detection distance by a radar
An object to be detected 20㎠:3.5km*
An object to be detected 50㎠:5km*
An object to be detected 500㎠:10km*

*The maximum detectable distance is a calculated from a value in free space. This distance varies based on the conditions of the instruments and weather. Update time: 5 seconds

Meteorological Observation System (Lidar spec)

■Measuring performance
Altitude measurement 50~6,000m
(Depends on the state of the atmosphere.It can measure up to 14,000 m.)
Data measuring accuracy 0.5 – 10 seconds(Selectable)
The number of measurement points -320 points
Measurement range Accuracy : ±-30/s 0.5m/s
Distance resolution 25m/50m/75m/100m
Scan azimuth angle 0-360 degrees(Accuracy 0.1 degree)
Scan zenith angle -10 – 190 degrees(Accuracy 0.1 degree)

※Please contact us for the actual range because it is described in the device spec.

■Screen display performance
Wind direction・Wind speed data
Horizontal resolution
200 – 500m
Altitude Resolution 10 – 50m
Data output format CSV format
Wind direction・Wind speedestimation method VVP method
Screen update frequency 3 – 5 minutes
Other spec Display position of Doppler Lidar,mapping of past data on a map, zooming in and out of a map


Facility / Equipment Fee
AM / PM Nighttime Extratime
(per hour)
Communication tower (communication antenna)
21,900JPY 26,300JPY 7,100JPY
Communication tower (installation of carrying-in equipment)
3,300JPY 3,900JPY 1,100JPY
Equipment attached to communication tower (Surveillance rader)
9,000JPY 9,000JPY 2,260JPY
Equipment attached to communication tower (meteorological observation system)
14,900JPY 14,900JPY 3,730JPY

7Airfield surrounded by net

This airfield is non-applicable to Civil Aeronautics Act, whose upper and surrounding parts are covered with net. Evaluation tests such as basic flight performance and autonomous control of unmanned aerial vehicles, flight training, and night flight and object dropping can be performed under an outdoor environment involving wind and rain or sunshine, without making any legal application in advance.

Unmanned aircraft facilities 5

7Airfield surrounded by net

Long pile artificial grass
Lighting, electric power outlets, LAN ports
Net High strength and high weathering polyolefin gap(φ2.4×120mm)


Facility / Equipment Fee
AM / PM Nighttime Extratime
(per hour)
Airfield surrounded by net
55,600JPY 66,700JPY 18,100JPY
Airfield surrounded by net (when using half space)
29,100JPY 34,900JPY 9,500JPY
Airfield surrounded by net (when using 1/3 space)
20,200JPY 24,200JPY 6,600JPY

8Wind tunnel

The aerodynamics, flight performance, and stability of the aircraft against gusts and pulsating winds against unmanned aerial vehicles can be tested.

Unmanned aircraft facilities 6

8Wind tunnel

Floor space 900㎡・Steel construction flat house
Wind tunnel test device(including table and protective net)
Overhead traveling crane (4.9t)
Cross sectional area 3m×3m
Max wind speed 20m/s
Wind speed distribution less than ± 15% at more than 10m/s (air outlet)
Turbulence value less than ± 10% at more than 10m/s (near the center of the air outlet)
Windstorm performance Within 3 seconds at 8m/s – 20m/
Pulsating performance Within the cycle of 5 seconds at 10m/s – 20m/s
Speed stratification performance Velocity gradient to the verticaldirection

※Please contact us for more details of measuring range.


Facility / Equipment Fee
AM / PM Nighttime Extratime
(per hour)
Wind tunnel
185,000JPY 222,000JPY 60,200JPY

9Durability test site

This facility is the test space covered with concrete,for the long-term continuous operation durability test for unmanned aircraft safely.

Unmanned aircraft facilities 7

9Durability test site

Floor space 119㎡・reinforced-concrete construction flat house
Test space 10m×9.5m×Height5m
Door size W5m×H4m


Facility / Equipment Fee
AM / PM Nighttime Extratime
(per hour)
Durability test site
13,100JPY 15,700JPY 4,300JPY


(1) A.M.: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., P.M.: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Nighttime: 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., All day: 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., Extratime : 1 hour during 12:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

(2) The same amount as fee is added when it falls under any of the following.
1. When holding an event by collecting admission fee, attendance fee, or membership fee for a prot. 2. When using for any prot-making activities, such as selling goods,commercial advertisement, etc.

(3) Fee is reduced to 70%, when using for preparation.

(4) When using continuously for two days or more, fee is not occured from the night to early morning, as far as it is used for storage of display items and equipment.