Development base facilities

1Research building

This facility is the main building of Fukushima Robot Test Field, where can use for various tests against wind, rain, waterproof, dustproof, fog, water pressure, temperature, humidity, vibration, and radio wave about performance evaluation of robot. It also can use for preparation, processing and measurement for each test. This facility can be used as a short/long term base for researchers, an office, and hold a large-scale conference or an exhibition. In addition, Fukushima Technology Centre Minamisoma Technical Support Centre, installed in the ward, will provide equipment support, technical consultations and development support.

1Research building

・Floor space : approx. 5,200㎡ ・Reinforced concrete construction(2stories) ・Parking area for approx. 165 cars

30 – 60㎡ 20 rooms
office desk 2, office chair 2, Bookshelf 1(laboratories 1 – 13 are equippeda mini kitchen.)(Room 201-204 can also be used asconference rooms.)
BConference room
3 rooms for 20 – 40 people
CGeneral control room
For operation management while looking at the unmanned aircraft facilities
DIndoor examination-place
Floor space 32×30m
Ceiling height 11m
Overhead travelling crane 2t
Epoxy resin type floor covering on floor concrete
Carry in entrance W7m×H4.1m
Pressure test equipment
Courtyard with half roof(36×18m) can use for test preparation
FConference hall
For 180 people (theater type)
GRoom 101 and 102 (Laboratory/Development laboratory)
2 room( For short-term stay, 40 ㎡)
single phase 100V,single phase 200V
HInstrument Analysis Room/Precision Measurement Room/Dust test room
IProcessing room
JEnvironmental measurement room
KAnechoic chamber
LVibration test room
MTest room for wind resistance・rainfall/Waterproof test room
NRental warehouse/Depository
30 – 100㎡ 15 rooms
2ton overhead travelling crane (only in Depository)
Carry in entrance W2,690 mm/3,790 mm/ 4,300 mm x H4, 100 mm
Epoxy resin type floor covering on floor concrete
OManagement office
PShower room
QMini workshop, electronic control room


Facility / Equipment Fee
One month AM
(per hour)
(per hour)
FConference hall
14,100JPY 14,100JPY 4,300JPY 4,600JPY
FConference hall(including foyer)
19,000JPY 19,000JPY 5,700JPY 6,200JPY
BConference room 1
5,600JPY 5,600JPY 1,700JPY 1,800JPY
BConference room 2
5,400JPY 5,400JPY 1,700JPY 1,800JPY
BConference room 3
5,400JPY 5,400JPY 1,700JPY 1,800JPY
Facility / Equipment Fee
One month AM
(per hour)
BRoom 201 (Laboratory / conference room)
91,300JPY 5,500JPY 5,500JPY 6,600JPY 1,800JPY
BRoom 202 (Laboratory / conference room)
93,300JPY 5,500JPY 5,500JPY 6,600JPY 1,800JPY
BRoom 203 (Laboratory / conference room)
94,600JPY 5,300JPY 5,300JPY 6,400JPY 1,800JPY
BRoom 204 (Laboratory / conference room)
91,400JPY 5,200JPY 5,200JPY 6,200JPY 1,700JPY
GRoom 101
(Laboratory / development laboratory)
78,700JPY 4,800JPY 4,800JPY 5,700JPY 1,600JPY
GRoom 102
(Laboratory / development laboratory)
77,900JPY 4,700JPY 4,700JPY 5,700JPY 1,600JPY
DIndoor examination place
50,300JPY 50,300JPY 60,400JPY 16,400JPY
DIndoor examination place (when using half space)
26,400JPY 26,400JPY 31,700JPY 8,600JPY
Facility / Equipment Fee
Period of use Fee
ALaboratory 1
One month 109,100JPY
ALaboratory 2
One month 105,700JPY
ALaboratory 3
One month 108,700JPY
ALaboratory 4
One month 108,600JPY
ALaboratory 5
One month 108,700JPY
ALaboratory 6
One month 111,500JPY
ALaboratory 7
One month 105,900JPY
ALaboratory 8
One month 108,600JPY
ALaboratory 9
One month 108,700JPY
ALaboratory 10
One month 110,500JPY
ALaboratory 11
One month 72,500JPY
ALaboratory 12
One month 62,300JPY
ALaboratory 13
One month 62,300JPY
ALaboratory 14
One month 62,300JPY
ALaboratory 15
One month 62,300JPY
ALaboratory 16
One month 74,800JPY
Facility / Equipment Fee
Period of use Fee
All day 9,300JPY
(when using half space)
All day 5,900JPY
warehouse 1
One month 59,500JPY
warehouse 2
One month 59,900JPY
warehouse 3
One month 58,300JPY
warehouse 4
One month 59,500JPY
warehouse 5
One month 59,900JPY
warehouse 6
One month 58,300JPY
warehouse 7
One month 21,400JPY
warehouse 8
One month 21,400JPY
warehouse 9
One month 21,400JPY
warehouse 10
One month 21,400JPY
warehouse 11
One month 21,400JPY
warehouse 12
One month 21,400JPY
warehouse 13
One month 21,400JPY
warehouse 14
One month 21,400JPY
PShower room
One time 200JPY

2Test Preparation Building3Outdoor test pad4Measurement shed A5Measurement shed BFor Preparation of test and maintenance of robot

Test Preparation building

Steel framed structure 2 stories,approx.220㎡
maintenance room 70.7㎡
Preparatory office 1 45.0㎡
Preparatory office 2 74.6㎡

Outdoor test preparation place

20m×25m(Concrete pavement)

Simple measurement room A/B

Light gauge steel construction, Flat house,
Floor space 24.3 ㎡
Office space 16.8 ㎡,
restroom , kitchen
Refrigerator, electric kettle, microwave oven


Facility / Equipment Fee
(per hour)
2Test preparation building (Maintenance room)
7,000JPY 7,000JPY 8,400JPY 2,300JPY
2Test preparation building (Preparatory Office 1)
5,700JPY 5,700JPY 6,800JPY 1,900JPY
2Test preparation building (Preparatory Office 2)
7,500JPY 7,500JPY 9,000JPY 2,500JPY
3Outdoor test preparation place
4,300JPY 4,300JPY 5,200JPY 1,400JPY
4Simple measurement room A
6,100JPY 6,100JPY 7,300JPY 2,000JPY
5Simple measurement room B
6,900JPY 6,900JPY 8,300JPY 2,300JPY

Equipment list

Machining equipment

Machining equipment Type Spec Fee
IMachining center
VARIAXIS j-600/5X AM Wire arc metal lamination Movement : 850mm (X axis), 550mm (Y axis), 510mm (Z axis), -120 – 90°(B axis), 360°(C axis) Lamination method : Wire arc metal lamination Laminatable metal : Aluminum, Stainless steel, Mold steel, Heat resistant alloy, etc. 12,960JPY per hour
INC milling cutter
KE55 General purpose operation, Machining guidance operation and NC program operation are availableMovement : 550mm (X) ×320mm (Y) ×350mm (Z)
Table size (work space) : 800mm×375mm Spindle rotational speed : 40 – 4,000rpm
2,130JPY per hour
ISemi-automatic lathe
TAC-360 General purpose operation, Interactive input operation, Machining by CNC programming are available Distance between both centers : 770mm Spindle speed range : 60 – 2,000rpm 1,110JPY per hour
IDrilling machine
B 23S Maximum processing capacity : ф23mm Spindle rotations : 2,400rpm, 1,320rpm, 830rpm, 400rpm 140JPY per hour
IContour machine
VZ-300SA Cutting ability : 200mm (H) × 300mm (D) Table stroke : 250mm 180JPY per hour
IHigh-speed cut-off machine
HS-100G2 Standard cutting ability : 45mm (Pipe material), 40mm(Solid material), Plate material (20mm×75mm) 420JPY per hour
IShearing machine
AST-1313 Cutting thickness : 13mm (approx. SS400 equivalent) Cutting length : 1,280mm 1,850JPY per hour
ICutting dynamometer
9139AA Measuring range (when loaded on a plate) : ±30kN (Fx,Fy,Fz), ±3,000N・m (Mx,My,Mz), Top plate : 140mm×190mm 1,510JPY per hour
IDouble-headed grinder
FG255T Grinding wheel outer diameter : ф255mm × 25 mm (thickness) rotational speed : 1,500 rpm 110JPY per hour
IBelt grinder
FS-2N Belt width : 100 mm Belt speed : 17.2 m/s (50Hz) 110JPY per hour
Q3D printer (1)
L-DEVO F300TP Fabrication method : Fused deposition method Fabrication size (mm) : 310(W)×310(D)×450(H) Fabrication material (example) : H-PLA、ABS 920JPY per hour
Q3D printer (2)
F170 Fabrication method : Fused deposition method Fabrication size (mm) : 254(W)×254(D)×254(H) Fabrication material (example) : PLA、ABS Support material : WaterWorks soluble support method 1,780JPY per hour
Q3D printer (1)(FDM type) Molding resin
3D printer (1) (FDM type) Molding resin 60JPY/10g
3D printer (2)(FDM type) Molding resin
3D printer (2) (FDM type) Molding resin 830JPY/10g

Material processing equipment

Material processing equipment Type Spec Fee
ISputtering device
MC1000 Film forming material : Pt, Pt-Pd, Au, Carbon 400JPY per hour
ISample polishing system
Ecomet300 pro / Automet300 Polishing plate size : 10 inch Polishing plate rotation speed : 50 – 400rpm 940JPY per hour

Analytical equipment

Analytical equipment Type Spec Fee
HScanning electron microscope
S-3700N Elements can be analyzed : B – U
Magnification : 15 x – 300,000 x
Maximum sample size : ф300mm
4,460JPY per hour
HMeasuring microscope
MF-UK4020D Measurement range : 400 mm × 200 mm,
Maximum height of test object 220 mm
Observation mode : bright field,
dark field, differential interference,
simplified polarization
Measurement accuracy : (2.2+0.002L) μm
980JPY per hour
HFourier transform
infrared spectroscopy system
Spotlight200i-DTGS SpectrumTWO Measurement wave number range : 8,300 – 350cm-1、
7,800 – 400cm-1 (Microscopic)
Detector : LiTaO3、DTGS (Microscopic)
1,190JPY per hour
HEnergy dispersive
X-ray fluorescence analyzer
EA6000VX Measurement element:Na(11) – U(92)
Tube voltage and current:
50kV (Variable) /20 – 1,000μA
Irradiation type : Top vertical irradiation
1,960JPY per hour
S9i Magnification range : 6.1x – 55x
Built-in camera : 10 million pixel color
140JPY per hour
FFT analyzer
CF-9400 Number of channels : 4
Frequency range : DC – 100kHz
A / D converter : 24 bit ∆Σ type
770JPY per hour
Digital microscope
VHX-7000 CMOS image sensor Number of pixels: 3.19 million pixels
,Objective lens magnification: 20 ~ 6000x,
Zoom lens magnification: 20 ~ 200x,
Stage size: 100mm x 100mm
1,950JPY per hour

Electro mesurement equipment

Electro mesurement equipment Type Spec Fee
Wave Runner 8254-MS Analog band width : 2.5 GHz
Channel : 4 ch (analog),
16 ch (digital)
Waveform analysis tool :
Serial trigger,
decode, measurement/graph,
eye pattern
1,040JPY per hour
QData logger
GL980 Sampling interval :
1μs – 1 min
Possessed probe : K type thermocouple,
temperature sensor Channel : 8 ch
Recordable time :
4 seconds (1μs) – 1 year or more (1 s)
200JPY per hour
QRadar evaluation equipment
DSO5804A Measurable frequency :
75 GHz – 83 GHz
(using block down converter)
Analysis function :
Digital modulation analysis,
FMCW Radar analysis,
pulse radar analysis
4,140JPY per hour
Signal analyzer
FSW43 Frequency range: 2Hz ~ 43.5GHz,
real-time spectrum analysis width:
I/Q analysis bandwidth: 1.2GHz
3,350JPY per hour
DC stabilized power supply
(18V specification)
DC30-36 Output rating
(Voltage : 30V Current : 36A Power : 360W)
130JPY per hour
QDC stabilized power supply
(60V specification)
DC80-27 Output rating (Voltage : 80V Current : 27A Power : 720W) 140JPY per hour
QAC stabilized power supply
(single-phase specification)
DP015S Power capacity : 1.5kVA
Rated Output Voltage : 100V/200V
Maximum Current : 15A/7.5A
Frequency Setting Range : 40Hz – 550Hz
190JPY per hour
QDigital multimeter
34470A Resolution : 7 1/2digit,
DC voltage (range : 100mV – 1,000V,
minimum resolution : 10nV),
AC voltage (range : 100mV – 750V,
minimum resolution : 10nV,
frequency band : 3Hz – 300kHz) ,
Resistance (range : 100Ω – 1GΩ,
minimum resolution : 10μΩ),
DC current (range : 1μA – 10A,
minimum resolution : 100fA),
AC current (range : 100μA – 10A,
minimum resolution : 10pA,
frequency band : 3Hz – 10kHz)
260JPY per hour
QImpedance analyzer
65120B Measurement frequency range : 20Hz – 120MHz
Measurement range : 0.01mΩ – 2GΩ,
measurement parameters :
Z,θ, C, D, L, Q, R, X, G, B, Y
fixture : for lead parts,
for chip parts, for thin films
850JPY per hour
QField test system
(Handheld Microwave Analyzer)
N9950A CAT / VNA frequency: 300 kHz ~ 32 GHz,
spectrum analyzer frequency: 9 kHz ~ 32
GHzoptional functions: power meter,
channel power measurement,
real-time spectrum analysis,
I/Q signal analysis, etc.
3,160JPY per hour
QNetwork analyzer
E5061B Frequency range: 5Hz ~ 3GHz,
options: gain / phase test port,
impedance analysis function,
various test fixtures
2,000JPY per hour
QArbitrary waveform generator
WF1968 Number of channels: 2Ch,
frequency: 0.01μHz ~ 200MHz (sine wave),
sampling rate: 420MSa/s,
modulation method:
FM, FSK, PM, PSK, AM, DC offset, PWM
240JPY per hour

Physical properties equipment

Physical properties equipment Type Spec Fee
HVickers hardness tester
HMV-G21DT Sample stage space : 100mm×100mm Maximum sample height capacity : 100mm Ability : 98.07mN – 19.61N 530JPY per hour
HRockwell hardness tester
RMT-1 Maximum sample height capacity : 200mm Maximum sample depth capacity : 165mm Ability : 588.4N, 980.7N, 1471N 420JPY per hour
IUniversal material testing machine
AG-100KNXPlus Maximum load capacity : 100kN Effective test width : 930mm Crosshead movement : 1,330mm (Without jig) 2,320JPY per hour

Dimensions・shape measurement equipment

Dimensions・shape measurement equipment Type Spec Fee
HX-ray CT scanner
TOSCANER-24500AVFD X-ray tube output : Maximum 450kV / 3.3mA Line detector /flat panel detector switchable Scan area : ф600 mm × H 1,000 mm 14,450JPY per hour
HCNC 3-D measuring machine
STRATO-Apex9166 Measurement range : 900mm (X axis) 1,600mm (Y axis) 600mm (Z axis) Measurement error range : E0,MPE=0.9 +2.5L/1,000 (μm) 7,680JPY per hour
HMeasuring machine for Surface
coarseness andOutline shape
SV-C4500L8 Measurement range : 200mm ( X axis (drive unit)) 60mm (Z1 axis (detection unit)) 1,070JPY per hour
HNon-contact 3-D digitizer
ATOS Compact Scan 12M CCD camera pixel number : 12 million pixels × 2 Measurement range : 170mm×130mm×110mm, 390mm×290mm×250mm, 700mm×500mm×500mm 2,690JPY per hour

Environmental equipment

Environmental equipment Type Spec Fee
DPressureproof test equipment
Pressurize by water. Maximum pressure : 2.2 MPa Container size : ф1.5 m , 1.5 m(H) 4,490JPY per hour
HEarthly affairs test device
DTS-2019-SP5 Can test based on IP5X, IP6X Tank size:1,500(W)×1,500(D)×1,000(H) mm Maximum sample weight:150kg 3,280JPY per hour
JTemperature and humidity
testing chamber
EC-16MHHP Tank size : 500mm (W) ×380mm (D) ×630mm (H) Temperature range : -40 – 150°C Humidity range : 20 – 98%RH 380JPY per hour
JDecompression Temperature
andhumidity testing chamber
ALT-7018-3400-HW Tank size : 1,500mm (W) ×1,500mm (D) ×1,500mm (H)
Temperature range : -70 – 180°C (Atmospheric pressure) -70 – 140°C (Below atmospheric pressure – 33.4kPa)
Humidity range : 20 – 95%RH (Atmospheric pressure) 20 – 85%RH (69.7kPa)
Pressure control range : 10.7 – 101kPa (Absolute pressure)
2,180JPY per hour
JThermal shock testing equipment
ES-77LH Tank size : 410mm (W) ×360mm (D) ×490mm (H) Temperature range : -70 – 0°C (Low temperature exposure), 60 – 200°C (High temperature exposure) 770JPY per hour
JHigh acceleration
life testingequipment
PC-422R8 Tank size : 420mm (ф) ×485mm (D) Temperature range : 105.0- 133.3°C (100%RH) 110.0 – 140.0°C (85%RH)
118.0 – 150.0°C (65%RH) Humidity range : 65 – 100%RH Pressure range : 0.019 – 0.208MPa
300JPY per hour
JDrying furnace
VTEC-216-H Tank size : 600mm (W) ×600mm (D) ×600mm (H) Temperature range : 60 – 300°C 140JPY per hour
LTwo axes reshuffling
vibration testing equipment
VTS-60ES-2 / 150 Type Testable waveform : Sine wave (Steady, Sweep : linear/logarithm), Random wave Test frequency range : 3Hz -200Hz
Maximum acceleration : 49m/s2 Maximum loading : 500kg Table size : 1,500mm×1,500mm
4,450JPY per hour
LSingle axis vibration
FC-080K / 60 Type Testable waveform : Sine wave (35kN), Random wave (35kNrms), Shock wave (87.5kN) Test frequency range : DC -2,000Hz Maximum acceleration : 889m/s2 (Sine wave no load), Maximum loading : 500kg Available for combined test 4,310JPY per hour
LTempurature and humidity
testing chamber (Compound test)
VC-102DWMX(32)P3G-H/V Tank size : 1,000mm (W) ×1,000mm (D) ×1,000mm (H) Temperature range : -40-150°C Humidity range : 30-98%RH 1,690JPY per hour
MWaterproof test equipment
IPX-3456-TBSP Can test based on IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, and IPX6 2,520JPY per hour
MThe rain・drizzle test device
FRTF-HRS200V-180 Precipitation : 10 – 180mm approx 3mm/h (Drizzle) Particle size (raindrop diameter) : approx. ф1mm, approx. ф3mm Rainfall range : 4m×4m×Height 4m 2,780JPY per hour
MWind-resistant test device
Jet GYM GRL-8041 Fan diameter : ф800mm Wind speed and reach distance : 5m/s(20m) 1.5m/s(70m 240JPY per hour

Anechoic chamber

Anechoic chamber Type Spec Fee
KAnechoic chamber
3m Radio anechoic chamber Space : 8.5m (L) ×5.0m (W) ×5.6m (H) Turntable : ф2.0m Antenna lift range : 1 ? 4m
Measurable frequency band : 30MHz ? 18GHz
9,040JPY per hour※1
K3-D radiation pattern measurement system
Measurement frequency range :
700 MHz-6 GHz
Rotation range :
Measurement by gantry
(horizontal; 360°, vertical : ±165°)
Measurement coordinate system :
Spherical coordinates
7,270JPY per hour
KTRP/TIS measurement system
Communication method :
IEEE802.11 b/g/a/n/ac, etc.
8,940JPY per hour
KGNSS receiving system
sensitivity evaluation system
Supported satellite : GPS, QZSS, Galileo, etc. 2,750JPY per hour
KMultipath phasing evaluation system
Test frequency range : 380 MHz ? 6 GHz
Phasing pattern : Rayleigh phasing
5,370JPY per hour
KRadiation EMI measurement system
Measuring frequency range : 30 MHz ? 6 GHz
Applicable standard : CISPR32, VCCI
4,170JPY per hour
KRadiation immunity test system
Test frequency range : 80MHz ? 4GHz(Max30V/m),
4GHz ? 6GHz(Max10V/m)
Applicable standard : IEC61000-4-3
8,800JPY per hour

Other equipment

Type Spec Fee Extratime
(per hour)
2Fume simulator
PS-2006 Smoke ability :
10 – 31m3/min (Variable)
Smoke reach distance :
3m (Windless time)
100JPY※2 100JPY※2 100JPY※2 20JPY per hour
2Victim simulator
WRR-25 Material :
PVC plastic resin
Body weight :
Height :
400JPY 400JPY 400JPY 90JPY per hour
2Outdoor large
monitor system
LEDVISION Monitor size :
Viewing angle :
150 (°Horizontal)
120 (°Vertical)
Contrast ratio : 5,000:1
Maximum brightness :
5,000NITS (cd/m2)
7,400JPY 7,400JPY 7,400JPY 1,840JPY per hour
2Light projector
LS304D LED energy consumption :
300W × 4 light
Power Generator :
2kVA (50Hz)
400JPY※2 400JPY※2 400JPY※2 90JPY per hour
DGM600MK Can output simultaneous
Three-phase ・
single-phase three line
Rated output :
four-line 50 / 60kVA,
three-line 30 / 36kVA
Outlet:6 pieces
400JPY※2 400JPY※2 400JPY※2 90JPY per hour
2High-speed camera
SA-Z type RX-HK Color photographing
Pixel number :
1,024×1,024 pixel
Maximum shooting speed
(full frame) : 20,000fps
Maximum shooting speed
(Dividedframe) :
4,700JPY 4,700JPY 4,700JPY 1,170JPY per hour
2Picture record system
Network camera:
4K fixed type and
HD image quality fixed type・
movable type Portable camera:
4K Handy Type and Small Type
Image recording apparatus :
Image of network camera and
a portable camera can be edited simultaneously
5,000JPY 5,000JPY 5,000JPY 1,230JPY per hour
2Rental tent
With water injection
type weight
100JPY 100JPY 100JPY 20JPY per hour
23D motion capture
OQUS7+ Sampling : 300fps (12 million pixels), 1,100fps (3 million pixels) Maximum sampling : 10,000fps Can measure in outdoor 5,900JPY 5,900JPY 5,900JPY 1,480JPY per hour
※1 Separate fee for each test equipment is added.
※2 Fuel cost (or smoke agent cost) is not included.


(1) A.M.: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., P.M.: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Nighttime: 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., All day: 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., Extratime : 1 hour during 12:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

(2) The same amount as fee is added when it falls under any of the following.
1. When holding an event by collecting admission fee, attendance fee, or membership fee for a prot. 2. When using for any prot-making activities, such as selling goods,commercial advertisement, etc.

(3) Fee is reduced to 70%, when using for preparation.

(4) When using continuously for two days or more, fee is not occured from the night to early morning, as far as it is used for storage of display items and equipment.