39 Takada, Nakano, Futaba-cho, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture

  • ●7.5 km by car from Joban Futaba IC (approx. 12 min).
  • ●2.7 km by taxi from JR Futaba Station (approx. 6 min/1,150 yen).



Approx. 190 min from JR Tokyo Station to JR Futaba Station (closest station)
via the Hitachi Limited Express.
Approx. 80 min from JR Sendai Station to JR Futaba Station
via the Hitachi Limited Express.
*Approx. 5 min by bus from JR Futaba Station.


From Iwaki City
Approx. 1 hour via
From Sendai City
Approx. 2 hours via expressway.
From Koriyama City
Approx. 2 hours via local roads.
From Fukushima City
Approx. 1.5 hours via toll road
and expressway


Approx. 100 min by car from Fukushima
Airport via
Abukuma Kogen Road.
From Sendai Airport
minimum travel time is approx.
140 min by train via the Sendai Airport Line
and the Joban Line
(including time to change trains)

  • The following methods of transport can be used to travel from JR Futaba Station to the museum.
  • Shuttle bus
  • Bicycle sharing ※The service is stopped.
  • Car sharing – two car stations are available (prior registration and bookings are required).
  • ※Walking access map for route from JR Futaba Station to the museum (approx. 30 min/2 km).
  • ※The East-West Access Road, named “Reconstruction Symbol Axis Road,” has been completely opened. Please note that it is unlikely that the car navigation system will contain roads at this stage.
    If you are travelling south from the direction of Sendai on National Route 6, turn left at the intersection with the Nakano Re-Start Base sign. Turn right if you are travelling north from the direction of Iwaki. After following the road for about five minutes, you will see the Memorial Museum on your left.