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  2. Exhibition | The Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster Memorial Museum


Passing on the experiences, records, lessons, and the story of recovery
from this unprecedented and compound disaster to future generations.



(Prologue Theatre)

An introduction video will be displayed on seven screens, including one floor screen. It will show footage of the area prior to the disaster, as well the evacuation of inhabitants following the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant accident. It will also reveal their efforts in the recovery process and the decommissioning of the nuclear reactor.


The Beginning of the Compound Disaster

From the peaceful everyday life before the disaster, to the earthquake and tsunami on March 11th in 2011 and the nuclear power plant accident.
This immersive exhibit accurately reveals the unfolding of the disaster in chronological order, following the situation before, at the time of, and directly after its occurrence.


The Immediate Response
to the Nuclear Accident

This exhibit reflects on the evacuation following the nuclear power plant disaster and the transformation of people’s lives. It also explores the response from within and outside Japan, the unique characteristics of the incident, and the accounts of witnesses.


The voices of Fukushima

This exhibit examines how the peaceful and “ordinary hometown” life of the region was affected following the nuclear accident through presenting the thoughts and recollections of residents and the objects that were memorable to them.


The Long-term Impact
of the Nuclear Disaster

In this exhibit, you can learn about the different effects caused by the long-term damage from the nuclear disaster and the actions taken in response.


Striving for Revitalization

This exhibit reveals Fukushima’s struggle toward recovery and its overcoming of hardship. It will encourage visitors to explore different regions and facilities in the prefecture through presenting information on the progress in decommissioning the nuclear reactors, the government’s efforts in establishing initiatives like the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework and the challenges of residents working to restore the area. It will also inspire visitors to think about the future of Fukushima through allowing them to experience town building activities.