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【Memorial Museum】 Reconstruction Minister Kosaburo Nishime and METI Deputy Minister Masahiro Ishii inspect the Museum

  On Monday, 15 November, 2021, Minister for Reconstruction Kosaburo Nishime and Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Masahiro Ishii inspected the Museum. They were guided by Executive Director Ito of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Promotion Organization (FIPO), which operates the museum, and vice director Kobayashi of the Museum. The visitors viewed the exhibition on the Great East Japan Earthquake and nuclear disaster.

Executive Director Ito explains the exhibition to Minister Nishime (right)
Viewing outdoor exhibits
METI Deputy Minister Masahiro Ishii (right) 
Viewing the exhibits of the Ukedo Elementary School preserved as the earthquake disaster ruins
Introduction from a staff member of the museum who was in the sixth grade at Ukedo Elementary School at the time of the disaster occurred