Initiatives update

Sharing information in Chinese in collaboration with the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association

Some videos produced by us for introducing companies that are playing an active role in the Coastal Region of Fukushima are now in Chinese, which have posted on the website of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association.

They are available on:

Website of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association
Note: Videos are in Chinese only.

Companies featured in the videos (major projects)

  1. (1) MELTIN MMI
    (Cyborg business using bio-signal and robot technology)
  2. (2) Fukushima Eco-crete Co., Ltd.
    (Manufacturing of materials for construction using coal ash generated from the coal-fired power station in the Coastal Region as the main raw material)
  3. (3) ABLE Co., Ltd.
    (Plant construction and maintenance at power stations, development, design, manufacturing and operation of robots)
  4. (4) 4R Energy Corporation
    (Development, manufacturing and sale of lithium-ion battery systems)