Overview of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Promotion Organization (FIPO)


The Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework is a national project that serves as a cornerstone for reconstruction and aims to build a new industrial infrastructure in the Hamadori area and beyond. FIPO acts as the central organization for promoting the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework.

As an organization, we would like to focus on three areas in particular. The first is dissemination of information. We work to spread awareness of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework among residents of the prefecture, especially those in the Hamadori area, and share information throughout Japan and the world to achieve industrial clusters centered on research and development centers such as the Fukushima Robot Test Field.

The second is to bring economic benefits to the local community. It is essential to ensure that local companies feel the economic benefits of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework. The Hamadori area possesses technical skills and many companies with hidden potential. Innovation is not necessarily high-tech and can also be created through the combination of different existing technologies. FIPO supports local companies in improving their technological capabilities further and creating innovation and aims to help emerging companies expand business in an effort to achieve broad economic benefits for the local community.

The third is human resource development. We also work to bolster education and human resource development in the community, including for elementary, junior high, and high school students, in an effort to bring hope to the children of the Hamadori area through the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework and foster the engineers and top leaders who will carry the Framework into the future and around the world.

We strive to take the lessons learned through the tremendous damage we in Fukushima have suffered and use them to collaborate with the national, prefectural, and local governments and relevant organizations, foster innovation, and create initiatives that will serve as a beacon in Japan and throughout the world.

October 1, 2018

理事長 斎藤 保
Tamotsu Saito

Overview of FIPO

Why the Fukushima Innovation Coast Promotion Organization Was Established

The Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework (the “Framework”) aims for regional revitalization that will serve as a beacon for the people of the world through efforts that include decommissioning the nuclear power plant, an effort essential for recovery in the Hamadori area of Fukushima Prefecture, where the nuclear disaster has destroyed infrastructure and jobs; creating new industry related to robotics and energy through the establishment of centers for robot development and testing and international hubs of industrial and academic collaboration (including the Archive Center and other information centers); building clusters of related industries and revitalizing agriculture, forestry, and fisheries through the use of cutting-edge technology; then fostering human resources and retaining researchers to create an environment that contributes to the community. Since the launch of the Framework, full-scale operations have commenced at Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development (NARREC) and Collaborative Laboratories for Advanced Decommissioning Science (CLADS), while facilities established include the Okuma Analysis and Research Center, the Fukushima Robot Test Field and international industrial park, as well as the Archive Center. Furthermore, revisions to the Act on Special Measures for the Reconstruction and Revitalization of Fukushima came into effect in May 2017, making promotion of the Framework a national project both in name and reality.
The Fukushima Innovation Coast Promotion Organization was established on July 25, 2017, by Fukushima Prefecture as the central organization for promoting the Framework and works in cooperation with the prefecture to actualize the Framework, including various projects based around the centers; reconstruct and revitalize the Hamadori area, where the Great East Japan Earthquake and nuclear disaster destroyed the industrial infrastructure; and contribute to the social and economic development of Fukushima Prefecture.

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