Key Field: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Revitalization of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries using ICT and Robotics

The Framework promotes the development and demonstration of ICT and robotics, then leads the nation with advanced agriculture, forestry, and fisheries that incorporate these cutting-edge technologies to promote the reconstruction and revitalization of these industries in the Hamadori area and elsewhere.


Strawberry Farming in a Controlled Environment Complex

Nexus Farm Okuma

The town of Okuma has established a strawberry production complex that incorporates cutting-edge technology to save labor and increase efficiency. Nexus Farm Okuma engages in year-round cultivation and shipping, with its first shipment made in August 2019.



Agricultural Production and Expansion Using Cutting-Edge Technology 

Kobai Yume Farm

Amid difficulties securing labor in the agricultural sector, Kobai Yume Farm streamlines its management by incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as robotic tractors, combine harvesters that measure flavor and yield, and drones in an effort to demonstrate a technological system that enables consistent, high-quality agricultural products and expansion of production.

Reference link: Support for Agricultural Revitalization at IRIS Group Fukushima: Working With Local Farmers in Odaka Ward, Minamisoma to Aid Resumption of Rice Cultivation Since 2017 (IRIS Ohyama Website)

Rice planting work
Streamlining management with the use of drones
Combine harvester that measures flavor and yield

Entry into Agriculture by Companies in Cooperation with the Community 

Fukushima Shirohato Farm

In the town of Naraha, Fukushima Shirohato Farm has recently entered agriculture and engages in large-scale sweet potato cultivation.
Long-term storage facilities have also been established.

Sweet potato harvest
Long-term storage facilities (Naraha Sweet Potato Storage Center)

Anthurium Cultivation

New Flower Farms in the Town of Kawamata

Cultivation of the tropical flower anthurium was started after the Great East Japan Earthquake as part of the All-Kindai Kawamata Town Reconstruction Support Project by Kinki University and uses a spongy-textured polyester medium and liquid fertilizer instead of soil.
Shipment of produce began in earnest in 2019, with the first shipment made to Ota Market, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Central Wholesale Market. (Source: Kawamata Town Website)

(Reference)Kawamata Anthurium (FIPO Reconstruction Knowledge Project: Kinki University x The Town of Kawamata)



Kawamata Anthurium Flowers (from the Kawamata Town Website)

Fisheries and Marine Science Research Centre

Fukushima Prefecture opened the Fisheries and Marine Science Research Centre in the city of Iwaki in July 2019. The Centre engages in developing technologies for processing and increasing freshness of prefectural marine products as well as testing and research into countermeasures against radioactive substances.

Fukushima Prefectural Fisheries and Marine Science Research Centre

Developing Wagyu Beef Quality Assessment Technology Using ICT

To increase the value and lower feeding costs of Wagyu beef cattle in Fukushima, the Framework is leading the nation in developing technology that can assess the quality of meat to a high level of accuracy, even during the growth stage.

Use of ICT

Development and Demonstration of a Robot that Plants Saplings

A robot that plants saplings has been developed to help restore coastal breakwater forests damaged during the tsunami. The use of this robot in creating coastal breakwater forests will be promoted in the future.

Advanced Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Fair

An Exhibition Where You Can See, Touch, and Experience Cutting-Edge Technology

A fair where visitors can attend seminars and see, touch, and experience actual cutting-edge technology involving agriculture, forestry, and fishing was hosted for workers in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries as well as students interested in these fields in the Hamadori area.

Advanced Marine Technology Fair
Smart Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Fair

Support for Entry Into Farming

FIPO provides a variety of support services to promote the entry of private companies into the agriculture industry, including on-site tours aimed at companies.

On-Site Tours for Companies Looking to Enter Farming