About the Framework

The Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework is a national project that aims to restore the industry lost in the Hamadori and neighboring area* during the Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster and build a new industrial base in the area.

*The Hamadori and neighboring area refers to the following 15 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture: Iwaki, Soma, Tamura, Minamisoma, Kawamata, Hirono, Naraha, Tomioka, Kawauchi, Okuma, Futaba, Namie, Katsurao, Shinchi, and Iitate (sometimes called the “Innovation Area”).

The Framework promotes the actualization of projects in focus areas that include Decommissioning; Robots and Drones; Energy, Environment, and Recycling; Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries; Medicine; and Aerospace (see below), and implements initiatives aimed at the formation of industrial clusters, education and human resource development, increasing the rate of exchange in the population, disseminating information, and more.

History of Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework


The Fukushima International Research and Industrial City (Innovation Coast) Study Group established to build a new industrial base for the Hamadori area and promote community development from a regional perspective
  • *Chair: Director of the Regional Nuclear Disaster Response Headquarters (State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  •  Constituent members: The lieutenant governor of Fukushima Prefecture and experts in industry,
     academia, and government (including local experts)
  •  Hosted: 7 times since January 2014
The study group compiles a report


Act on Special Measures for the Reconstruction and Revitalization of Fukushima is enacted

・Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework is given legal recognition


Priority Promotion Plan approved based on the Act on Special Measures for the Reconstruction and Revitalization of Fukushima

・Priority Promotion Plan incorporating basic direction and initiatives for achieving the Fukushima Innovation Coast Initiative approved by the Prime Minister


Fukushima Reconstruction and Revitalization Plan approved based on the Act on Special Measures for the Reconstruction and Revitalization of Fukushima

・Fukushima Reconstruction and Revitalization Plan incorporating the promotion of initiatives in six focus areas of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Initiative approved by the Prime Minister

*See the MEXT and Fukushima Prefecture websites.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Website: “What is the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework?”
Fukushima Prefecture Website: “Fukushima International Research and Industrial City (Innovation Coast) Framework”


To move forward with the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant, an initiative crucial to the reconstruction of the Hamadori area, the Framework draws upon domestic and international wisdom to promote research and development as well as human resource development, then spread the benefits of these efforts to the industrial sector as well to build an industrial cluster in the Hamadori area.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency has established research and development centers to develop the technologies necessary for removing fuel debris and treating and disposing of radioactive waste generated.

ロボット・ドローンアイコンRobots and Drones

The Hamadori Robot Demonstration Zone actively seeks research, development, and demonstration experiments of robots and drones with potential for use in disaster response, logistics, inspection of infrastructure, and other fields. With the Fukushima Robot Test Field at its core, this facility serves as a cluster for the robotics industry in the Hamadori area.

エネルギー・環境・リサイクルアイコンEnergy, Environment, and Recycling

The Framework is working to develop and build an industrial cluster centered on renewable energy to help reconstruct and revitalize the local economy.

Efforts to develop solar panels, cutting-edge recycling technology for limestone, and more are underway.

The Fukushima New Energy Society Framework has been created with building a model for achieving a future society based on new energy in Fukushima as its goal.

農林水産業アイコンAgriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

The Framework aims to lead the nation in incorporating robots, environmental control systems, and other cutting-edge technology into agriculture, forestry, and fishing to make Fukushima the frontier of these industries in Japan.


The Framework strives to establish a medical industry cluster in Hamadori, an area with an aging population and a shortage of healthcare workers, and promote the entry of new companies into the industry.

The Framework provides support for trailblazing new sales channels in the field of medicine, helping to form a medical industry cluster.


In an effort to grow the aerospace industry and create an industrial cluster in Fukushima, the Framework provides support for companies entering the market and strives to foster human resources for the aerospace industry.