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Take on the Challenge of Starting a Business in Hamadori!

Fukushima Tech Create

About Fukushima Tech Create (FTC)

Fukushima Tech Create was launched out of a desire to expand the number of people from Fukushima (the Hamadori area of Fukushima) who Create (invent or produce) Tech (technology and services).

 Run by the Fukushima Innovation Coast Promotion Organization (FIPO), Fukushima Tech Create (FTC) provides support for companies and individuals attempting to set up or create business within the 15 municipalities of the Hamadori area in Fukushima (*Innovation Area) through the following three engines.

Three Engines of Support
  (1) Guidance support for actualizing ideas and brushing up business plans by professionals with extensive experience in providing support
  (2) Subsidies of up to ¥10 million for prototype development, market research, demonstrations, etc.
  (3) Support for actualizing a business realistically and quickly by FTC supporters

*Innovation Area
Iwaki, Soma, Tamura, Minamisoma, Kawamata, Hirono, Naraha, Tomioka, Kawauchi, Okuma, Futaba, Namie, Katsurao, Shinchi, Iitate 

See here for an overview of FTC programs and testimonials from 2021 participants.

(See here for testimonials from 2020 participants)

List of Companies Receiving Support and Pitch Videos

Here, you will find a list of support recipients from 2020 onward as well as archived videos of pitch events (presentations on efforts aimed at commercialization).

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Industrial Cluster Department, Business Creation Support Division

Details on Support (the 3 Engines)

Accompanied Support

 FTC offers three programs for different stages of startup and entrepreneurship.


 Program participants can receive guidance support for actualizing ideas and brushing up business plans from professionals with extensive experience in providing support (business and technical advice related to business plan creation, matching, and developing new markets as well as matching opportunities, etc.).


 Participants can also attend innovation creation events that include not only networking events or study sessions on fundraising but also pitch events (presentations on efforts aimed at commercialization) to attract venture capitalists and others to help procure funding and business partners.


Three Programs for Accompanied Support

Business Idea Commercialization Program

A support program for those taking on new challenges such as starting a business or commercializing a product in one of the six focus areas of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework.

Community Future-Building Program

A support program for those who intend to launch or develop a new business aimed at solving social and regional issues in the Innovation Area.

Acceleration Program

A support program for early-stage businesses aiming to commercialize in the six focus areas of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework or develop a new business aimed at solving social and regional issues in the Innovation Area.

*The Six Focus Areas of the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework: Decommissioning; Robots and Drones; Energy, Environment, and Recycling; Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries; Medicine; Aerospace.



FTC provides subsidies to participants in its three guidance support programs for costs related to prototype development, market research, and demonstrations.


 ・Subsidy amount: up to ¥10 million per company (individual)

 ・Subsidy rate: 10/10

 *Screening will be conducted according to the project plan, and a subsidy of up to ¥10 million will be granted within the budget.

 *In 2021, between ¥1 million and ¥5 million was granted as a result of screening.


 Subsidized Expenses:

  〇 Lease and usage fees for business facilities and equipment

  〇 Travel expenses

  〇 Cost of goods, supplies, and raw materials

  〇 Communication and transportation expenses

  〇 Survey expenses

  〇 Outsourcing fees


 Examples of Subsidy Usage

  〇 The cost of commissioned research to investigate market needs.

  〇 The cost of a commissioned design including system requirements and design blueprints for creating a prototype.

  〇 The purchase of supplies, consumables, and raw materials for prototype production.

  〇 The cost of outsourced processing for prototype production.

  〇 The cost of renting and using equipment for prototype production.

  〇 The cost of renting an incubation facility in the Innovation Area as a prototype production site.

  〇 The cost of using the Fukushima Robot Test Field to verify prototype performance.

  〇 The cost of production and installation for demonstration tests for verifying solutions to local or social issues.

  〇 The cost of travel and transporting equipment for verifying prototype performance in the Innovation Area.

FTC Supporters

Many institutions in the Innovation Area, including government agencies, financial institutions, venture capitalists, and universities, act as FTC supporters, providing support for the commercialization of program participants’ businesses (as of October 2022).


FTC Supporters:

Category FTC Supporters
Government Agencies ■ Reconstruction Agency ■ METI ■ Fukushima Prefecture ■ Iwaki ■ Soma ■ Tamura ■ Minamisoma ■ Kawamata ■ Hirono ■ Naraha ■ Tomioka ■ Kawauchi ■ Okuma ■ Futaba ■ Namie ■ Katsurao ■ Shinchi ■ Iitate
Financial Institution
Venture Capital
■ Development Bank of Japan, Tohoku Branch ■ Japan Finance Corporation, Iwaki Branch ■ Toho Bank ■ Abukuma Shinkin Bank ■ Agri-Invest ■ FUNDINNO, Inc. ■ Spurcle Inc. ■ Unicorn, Inc. ■ Fund Creation, Co., Ltd. ■ Nissay Capital Co., Ltd. ■ Ecrowd Inc.
Academic Institutions ■ Tohoku University (New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHe)) ■ Fukushima University ■ University of Aizu ■ College of Engineering, Nihon University ■ Fukushima Medical University ■ National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College
Other Support Organizations ■ Fukushima Soso Reconstruction Corporation ■ National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Fukushima Renewable Energy Laboratory ■ Japan Atomic Energy Agency ■ National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training ■ Japan Patent Attorneys Association ■ Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Tohoku Headquarters ■ Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Fukushima Trade Information Center ■ Guarantee Corporation of Fukushima ■ Fukushima Center For Industrial Promotion ■ Fukushima High-Tech Plaza ■ Fukushima Medical Device Development Support Centre ■ Fukushima Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry ■ Small Business Association of Fukushima ■ Iwaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry ■ Soma Chamber of Commerce and Industry ■ Haramachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry ■ Iwaki Cooperative Support Network for Industrial and Community Field ■ Yume Support Minamisoma and more