Human Resource Development

FIPO supports education and research at universities and colleges in the Hamadori area in an effort to accumulate knowledge and also conducts learning on science, mathematics, and local history at elementary and junior high schools as well as career education at senior high schools.

Collaborations between universities and communities: summer school conducted for senior high school students in Hamadori (Tokyo University of Agriculture and the city of Soma)

What is Innovation Education?

Innovation education is seamless, one-stop education for elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, and universities, with “inquiry-based learning” as the keyword for developing human resources that will lead the community

Elementary and Junior High Schools

Futaba District Educational Reconstruction Vision Council Project
Education Restoration Project for the 12 Municipalities in Evacuated Areas

Senior High Schools

Fukushima Innovation Human Resource Development Support Project
Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework Promotion and Industrial Human Resource Development Project

Universities and Colleges

Reconstruction Knowledge Project

+ Innovation Area Regional Promotion Project (Fukushima Future Innovation Lectures)

Expanding the Circle of Innovative Human Resources

・Education that fosters care for the community
・Increasing ambitions toward the Innovation Framework and reconstruction

Discovering Fukushima’s Potential

・Developing human resources capable of innovation
・Developing expert human resources

Acquiring Knowledge for Reconstruction in Fukushima

・Developing human resources who possess expert knowledge
 and contribute to reconstruction in Fukushima

Innovation Area Regional Promotion Project (Fukushima Future Innovation Lectures)

Experts involved in the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework speak to young people who will lead Fukushima Prefecture into the future (for Fukushima Prefecture, all districts). These lectures go beyond “raising awareness of the Framework” to offer “opportunities to learn advanced technologies” and “opportunities to understand the potential of Fukushima” with the objective of cultivating from among its attendees “people who will create innovation born in Fukushima” in the future.

With the opportunity to hear from external speakers of various fields, we also aim for a secondary effect of enhancing “exploratory learning”, an aspect that has recently gained importance in schools.

Past Fukushima Innovation Future Lectures

【FY 2023】

【FY 2022】

Support for Education and Research at Universities and Colleges

Human Resource Infrastructure Development Project Using Reconstruction Knowledge at Universities (Reconstruction Knowledge Project)

Since the earthquake, education and research efforts by universities inside and outside the prefecture in collaboration with local governments, companies, high schools, and more have been underway in the Hamadori area, where there are few universities or other institutions of higher education, and FIPO has actively supported these efforts.

About the Reconstruction Knowledge Project

 In this project, agreements are entered into with municipalities in the Hamadori area to establish bases and provide support for universities conducting education and research in an effort to accumulate and use the knowledge on reconstruction in Fukushima (Reconstruction Knowledge) held by universities and colleges. This five-year project spanning 2021 to 2025 aims to cultivate human resources and contribute to the reconstruction of the Hamadori area through ongoing education and research at universities and other institutions.

 21 projects were adopted through public offering, three of which were selected as “Priority Initiatives”.

Innovation Education at Senior High Schools

Fostering Innovative Human Resources

Practical educational programs are developed in collaboration with local businesses, research institutions, and universities to develop expert human resources at 11 schools eligible under the Innovation Framework who will serve as top leaders and immediate assets in driving the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework.
*Targets for Innovation:
Top Leaders (3 Schools): Iwaki High School, Haramachi High School, and Soma High School
Agriculture (3 Schools): Iwaki Agricultural High School, Soma Agricultural High School, and Iwaki Kaisei High School
Industry (3 Schools): Taira Technical High School, Nakoso Technical High School, and Kawamata High School
Cutting-Edge Schools (2 Schools): Futaba Future School and Odaka Industrial Technology and Commerce High School


Facility tour held in conjunction with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Fukushima Renewable Energy Laboratory

Iwaki Agricultural High School: Drone operation practice and efforts to use drones in agriculture

Futaba Future School: A junior and senior high school established by Fukushima Prefecture

Education for Elementary and Junior High School Students

Futaba District Educational Reconstruction Vision Promotion Council, Fukushima Prefecture

Through efforts such as Community Development Studies, an inquiry-based learning program that studies the local community, and collaborations between locals and a diverse range of people, the eight municipalities of Futaba District go beyond borders and generation gaps to promote attractive education unique to the district.

The goal is to instill in children the ability to create their own future.

*The PR bulletin “Futaba Education” may also be viewed at the link above.

Fukushima Education Reconstruction Promotion Project (Education Promotion Project for 12 Elementary and Junior Highs Schools in Evacuated Areas)

This project provides educational support for 12 elementary and junior high schools in evacuated areas to help create attractive schools and a distinctive education that builds stronger ties with the community.

Fukushima Education Reconstruction Promotion Project
(Education Promotion Project for 12 Elementary and Junior Highs Schools in Evacuated Areas)

Fukushima Super Science School Project (Compulsory Education Division, Fukushima Board of Education)

Hosted in cooperation with the Compulsory Education Division of the Fukushima Board of Education, this project develops learning programs to increase understanding of the region that include robotics, renewable energy, and other new industries starting in elementary and junior high in an effort to expand the circle of human resources that will contribute to the actualization of the Framework.

Fukushima Prefectural Board of Education Official Note blog
[Fukushima Prefectural Board of Education Official Note blog]
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